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Enjoy what Globe Prepaid and TM have to offer without changing your current mobile number.

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It’s good to changeIt’s better to reinvent

Reinvent your digital lifestyle and open a new world of possibilities. All without changing your number. Switching to Globe has never been easier.

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Your digital lifestyle, on the go

Elevate your digital lifestyle by moving to Globe Prepaid from your current network. Get affordable offers and sulit promos to keep you going.

Activate your new Globe 5G SIM and get:
2 GB
per day for 7 daysas a welcome freebie via the GlobeOne app
1 GB
per day for 7 dayswhen you load at least P50 within the first 3 days
1 GB
per month for 3 monthswhen you load at least P300 per month1 GB valid for 7 days

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We’ll notify you by email and deliver your SIM to your doorstep. Your SIM will be activated within 4 hours after receipt.

It’s 20x faster than LTE

Blaze trails at speeds of up to 100 Mbs with the new 5G SIM you’ll be receiving when you move to Globe.

5G connection depends on the availability of signal and location. Eligibility for 5G SIM is for old SIM cards.

Convenience at your fingertips

Pay bills, buy load, and shop all you want. Globe Prepaid helps you take care of all your essentials. Anytime. All the time.

Switch to Globe Prepaid and TM

Time to move on

It’s a whole new world with Globe Prepaid and TM. You don’t even have to change your mobile number to experience it.

Make the switch. Make the jump.

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